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United Kingdom

December 2012

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Suzzan Blac

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When I was four year's old, my nursery teacher raved about the incredible details of my first ever painting. Unfortunately, I was never encouraged to create art and I never attended any art school. Although I am self taught, I was lucky enough to already possess such a wonderful gift of intense observation and love of detail. I am deeply passionate about painting and for me, there is no greater thrill than creating a beautiful image on to a pure white, blank canvas. I have shown my art in New York, California, Berlin and a solo show in London. My work has appeared in magazines,blogs and has been published in four art books. My work has also been shown on an Australian T.V. cable channel. Some of my personal works have been utilised in teaching programmes for therapists in America. A book of my memoirs was published earlier this year. Art is a primeval urge which defines us as human beings, it stamps an emotional seal on the documentation of life...


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