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July 2020

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Sue Redward-Green

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I picked up up a paintbrush when I was about 5 years/ old and have been painting ever since! My Dad loved to paint and my Grandfather was a Master decorative artist, specialising in traditional paints and finishes such as Fresco, glue painting, patinating walls, gold leafing, oil gilding etc. I guess the love of art runs in the family! I learned a lot about acrylic and oil painting from my Dad. My Grandfather gave me the tools and inspiration to create bravura wood graining finishes such as oak and Birdseye maple graining and taught me how to gild using gold leaf. I studied art at high school and achieved good grades in my ‘O’ and ‘A’ level exams. I became a Customs and Excise Officer, working in Liverpool. After injuring my spine in an accident, I was unable to carry on with my career. Art became my saviour and has given me so much joy throughout the years. I have completed many commissions for pet portraits, landscapes and seascapes. I love to paint wildlife and my recent works include studies of a Bengal Tiger, Clouded Leopard, Leopard Cub and Embracing Zebra’s! Painting is such a joyous activity. There is nothing quite like the excitement of unwrapping a new canvas to begin another adventure in art.


My Father and Grandfather were my mentors. They taught me how to draw and how to paint with oils and acrylics. It is due to their inspiration and encouragement that my love of painting continues to evolve. “ The joy of painting is food for the soul”


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