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United Kingdom

May 2015

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Susan marie williams

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I'm a professional artist working in acrylic inks on canvas. Flowers are my main focus and my instinctive approach is to create flowers with character and life. Through my use of colour, the freedom in my drawing and natural spontaneity (with very little planning, I just let the art flow out of me). I create a dynamism and life in my paintings that isn't necessarily a common feature of floral works. I enjoy the free flow of the inks, which complements the way I work. I like the speed that's needed to guide the ink in the right direction – I see it as a test. And I love to use my skills to make the best of accidents and balance the final composition in the most intuitive way. My most exciting and successful works are an expression of all these things, and more. As for my background, I've 'done art' of some kind all my life, but only decided to begin selling my art in 2014. I had several exhibitions in summer 2015 and have the ongoing support of two local galleries. In addition, during the summer my work was seen by an Italian curator and she invited me to send some of my artworks to her for ongoing exhibition and sale in her galleries, so I currently also have a batch of paintings working hard for me in Florence!


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