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United Kingdom

November 2018

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Susan Bence

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My name is Susan. I am a self taught artist, wife and busy mum of two.  I paint mainly in oil, but regularly play around with other mediums and discover techniques in the process.  I am passionate about colours and terrible at planning a painting.  I believe that a painting should grow spontaneously , often resulting in several layers and changes.  I like to call these hidden layers the soul of the painting. This gives depth and are part of the story I hope to tell. I wish I could focus on one subject, one medium and one style, but I can't!  I love to try new things, to experiment, to dream and to change my mind. My portfolio will take you on a journey through my heart. Landscapes has always been a favourite although my style has evolved a lot over the years. My very first exhibition was all in soft pastels.  As a beginner teacher, I could not afford the oil I today so love. I recently started painting abstract pieces and I do enjoy a still-life and even painting people. My art is an expression of the joy I find in everyday life and the world around me. I have had successful exhibitions in South Africa and in the UK and have collectors all over the world. My paintings also adorn the walls of UK hospitals, churches and coffee shops.


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