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Handful of prizes in Wales, Norfolk, Gloucester and London.

United Kingdom

Falmouth Sch. of Art, Cornwall & WSCAD, Surrey.

September 2013

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Sue Mann

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I am a professionally trained painter who finds working outside the most stimulating. Composition, tone, wild versus civilised, are important aspects but the magic is the subconscious interpretation of the mood/atmosphere of the place. Sometimes I return regularly on a large piece in similar time-light. Sometimes I capture one moment working on a smaller scale. This can include rural or urban, marine or landscape, figures, buildings, nocturnes and interpreting one instant rather than chasing the light. Often the latter are achieved using my unique bicycle easel for access to out of reach locations. Recently I have found it very stimulating to take part in Plein Air competitions, with a handful of prizes and media appearances, as well as leading workshops, tutoring and exhibiting often solo and as part of group shows. I have also gained experience curatorally. My work is held in private collections across the UK and Venice and I am happy to consider commissions. 2019 was my first year taking part in a local Open Studios Art Trail which has been refreshing and informative. It was lovely leading workshops for adults and one for children. Following my solo show in May in Carmarthen, I have been taken on by a Neath gallery.


Professionally trained. I prefer to grind my own oil paint and prepare my own boards to maintain quality. Familiar with all media I run workshops making paint including egg tempera and toxic free natural/gathered pigment.


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