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United Kingdom

November 2008

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Stuart Cardno

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Working from the North East of Scotland, almost all my time painting is spent painting with oils, which I find to be flexible and evocative; both easy to control and at the same time often wonderfully unpredictable. I find myself fascinated by form and colour and this is evident in my work through the adoption of strong shape-forms which are often depicted in a purposefully constrained palette. Painting is, without doubt, the primary focus in my life and takes up the vast majority of my time in one form or another. My subject matter is generally figure studies and landscapes (and increasingly seascapes), although I do devote considerable time to "concept pieces". For me, paintings don't simply represent an aesthetic work but also carry an inherent narrative or philosophical context, and I strive continually in my work to communicate a meaning beyond the immediate composition of the work. I have been a working artist for around seven years, and have been fortunate enough to have my work represented by a high street gallery in the North East. Regards, Stuart


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