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United Kingdom

December 2008

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Stewart Wilson

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I opened my studio in Derbyshire 5 years ago following a successful career in design within the fashion industry. From an early age I was tutored by my father who was a talented fine artist but as I reached adolescence I needed to find my own style. I needed to paint in a less formal way and watercolours no longer appealed. I started to experiment with palette knives and more importantly my fingers. After lots of self doubt I soon realised that using this technique gave me an extraordinary loose freedom. I no longer meticulously painted photographically but drenched myself in thick luscious oil paint moving it thickly over the canvas with impasto intensity. ( love to leave finger prints ) I am best known for my urban scenes which are often set in night light but I always exaggerate the truth and show off so that my audience never get bored. My paintings are sold in galleries in London and other parts of the UK and I have sold into many countries although I suppose most of my success has been in the USA.



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