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United Kingdom

August 2010

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Stanley Greening

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I have exhibited around the UK, in France, Holland and USA. I am excited to be returning to my work after a period where life choices and family commitments have meant less time was available to develop my artwork at the level I so desired. I return with a maturity and seriousness of subject matter that draws on the experiences and life choices that I have made over the past few years and I am excited to bring new methods of execution and higher potency to my work as a result. Currently, I am concentrating on drawings. Although I refer to them as drawings they encompass elements of drawing, painting and sculpture. The layering of oil pastel and attention to the surface lends itself very much to processes of painting. The scratching back and laboured surfaces creating a scarred texture revealing underlying layers is very much like the marks left by tools shaping and sculpting clay or plaster. My images will often contain different layers of meaning. By this I mean I often disguise or hide narrative by warping the subject matter; the images are perhaps suggestive of something other or present just a tip of the iceberg. Perhaps its what you can’t see, what’s hiding in the dark depths or what’s left the markings, that is the important content. The images can be mischievous, sinister, sexually loaded, sensual, aggressive and I must include, not always devoid of humour! I often see my images like decoys. A decoy, by definition, is a lure to a trap or perhaps a fake used to mislead or misdirect. l use many methods to misdirect, even the obsessive scratching is a distraction. I hope to draw the viewer in on an intimate level and once there aim to confuse the narrative. They are essentially ambiguous and you should be open to complete the scene yourself.


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