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February 2017

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Soos Tiberiu - Anton

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I have painted churches for more than 12 years in fresco, the same technique that Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, and now, for 4 years I started to paint in watercolors, acrylics and oil colors. I enjoy the most big painting - after so much church painting it is easier for me in large formats - abstract, flowers and nature subjects. I am a full time professional artist in love with painting, I work in several styles and techniques, usually in varnished acrylics on canvas and watercolors on heavy paper. I am inspired by the nature, and I love to work with the shape and the matter bonding all together with spirit so every piece of art have it's own life. I work only when I feel happy and tranquil so this is the positive energy that my works radiate. I use the best materials that money can buy, and when this is not enough I make my own materials (varnish and brushes usually). I finished my Art Academy studies in 2004 and since then I worked at many big projects, big mural paintings in al fresco and al secco techniques so I am full time self employed for 14 years. My works are in many private collections around the world.


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