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February 2018

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Snjezana Blagsic-Vallenssia

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As long as I could remember I always painted and drawn. I am obsessed with women portraits, however the abstract landscapes are also my theme. I like to create certain mood in the painting and would like the observers to see it too. I like my paintings realistic with one step into the abstract. I like to mix realistic with non-realistic, portraits that have the synergy of facial expression and emerging emotions. Emotions that we are hiding from people around us and we choose to keep them inside. What I really wish is that observers stop by the painting and allow themselves to take some time and try to understand the emotions of the painting. I have a personal bond with every painting so I always have a hard time detaching from them. From the first experiences I was driven to explore new techniques. I always used my own resources for creating my work. Raised in the family of artist I was surrounded by the creativity however I was never taught or forced in that direction. Creativity is the way that I can speak without the words. Creating something new was never a hard work for me. I always had a passion for it and I wanted to see if I could achieve it. I live my art because everywhere I go I see new motives, new angles and sources of bursting ideas. All of my ideas come from my head. Sometimes it takes days of rethinking and improving the idea in my head before I make the sketch. Even when the painting starts I might reconsider and change things. I do not rush and always take time to step back and observe in the painting process. I explored techniques such as watercolor, gouache, ink, pencil and finally acrylics. Along the way I experimented with all kinds of mixed media even melted wax and plaster. Most of the time I did drawings and explored pencil technique. I was determined to capture the most important in pencil - the shadings with no other tool but the pencil itself. After a long time I decided it is time to move on to acrylics and to convert to a completely new technique and dive into new challenges. The thing that I love about the painting on canvas is that the painting is always changing, depending on the time of the day, on the sources of light and the room they are hanged in. Moving on to the acrylic was a natural direction for me. I held several exhibitions in early age and my acrylic paintings won international awards: 2017 Bronze Featured Artist in ArtAscent Magazine issue Lost. The esteemed Ms. Alexis Culotta, PhD in Art History, an expert in Italian Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture, and the work of Raphael reviewed my art works and compared it to the Old Masters, and the exactly ones I admired to all my life, DaVinci, Dali, Michelangelo. Three paintings were reviewed - Words Unspoken, Silent and Fearless. See more here: 2017 Special Recognition Award The painting LIGHTHOUSE won a Special Recognition Award at the 7th Annual Landscape Exhibition by the Light, Space & Time Online Gallery among 658 artworks all over the world. 2017 International All Women Art Exhibition Special Merit Award Painting WORDS UNSPOKEN - This painting won an International All Women Art Exhibition Special Merit Award in January 2017 by the judges of the Light Space and Time Online Gallery among 890 entries from women artist all over the world. 2016 Special Merit Award by the Light Space and Time Online Gallery Painting THE STORM - In July 2016, painting The Storm won The Special Merit Award among 612 entries from artist all over the world the judges awarded The Storm . 2016 Special Recognition Award in October 2016 for the Outstanding Art Painting THE BRIDGE - Special Recognition Award in October 2016 for the Outstanding Art by the judges of the Light Space and Time Online Gallery among 814 entries from the artists all over the world. 2016 Artsy Shark Featured Artist December 8th 2016 WORDS UNSPOKEN featured in a article. ?


You can't use up creativity, the more you use it the more you have it.” Maya Angelou


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