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February 2022

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Si Allen

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¡Hola y bienvenido! I have always had a passion for painting and drawing and count myself very fortunate to be able to spend time creating in my small studio (garage!) overlooking the Mediterranean. I love the peace and tranquility this provides, my only company being a couple of gekkos and and the cat, Mama Bear. I have enjoyed some success selling earlier works in local markets and through exhibiting in local bars and restaurants. I particularly enjoy working in acrylic and charcoal and try to achieve realism. Subject matter? Cars and other modes of transport plus people – I have a particular fascination with 50's-60's Americana and since travelling the full length of Route 66 from Chicago to LA I have much inspiration in this area. Equally, I love to draw charcoal portraits of local characters. I hope you enjoy my work!



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