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Millennium Award ( 1st Prize) in the annual Exhibition (2010 - 2011) of Bury Art Society.

United Kingdom

Self-taught Artst

December 2018

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Shyamal K Sarkar

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My art is a journey to the unknown using line,shape,tone,texture and colour to making it visually, as well as aesthetically pleasant and appealing. After practising medicine (as a GP) over 25 years, I enrolled in the evening class for drawing and painting in 1999. I have been a member of local art society for over 12 years and exhibited my art-work for over 12 years in the local art gallery. I received 1st prize in the annual exhibition a few years ago. My work has covered almost all medium. Now I am painting mainly abstract and beautiful heavenly bodies (" Space Art") , inspired by my interest in astronomy. I am a member of Heaton Park Astronomy Group (Near Manchester) I sign my middle name "kanti" on my artwork, sometimes abbreviated to just " K. " , in front , on the side or on the back of canvas (or artwork)



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