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Landscape prize Winchester Art Society exhibition 2017
Acrylic prize Winchester Art Society exhibition 2020

United Kingdom

November 2017

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Sherry Edmondson

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The landscape and natural environment are the essential inspiration for Sherry’s paintings, it is where she constantly returns look for inspiration, using natural substances found in the landscape to add an actual tactile link with the visual image. Putting an essence of landscape into the image of landscape. Sherry’s paintings are an intuitive response to the natural environment. Working in acrylic based mixed media, rapid layers, bold gestural marks and impasto are used to suggest mood, and create visual and tactile interest. “I like my paintings to be an authentic expression of something personally felt and witnessed. There is a rippling sensuality in natural textures, I look at the landscape as a mass of merging colours. Shadows and reflections made by seasonal changes and natural light are endlessly fascinating” She is influenced by the English landscape tradition beginning with JMW Turner stretching to Sir William Nicholson and Joan Eardly, other important influences are contemporary artists Sean Scully, David Tress, Louise Balaam, and Andrew Hardwick. Transforming a blank canvas into a painting is an exciting process. Painting is a co-operative affair between the artist and the canvas, the first mark is crucial and dictates the direction the painting will take and find a way a way to depict an accurate visual and emotional translation of how the landscape has been experienced. Sherry’s exploration of the landscape in paint is an intuitive response to the natural environment, the paintings depend on interaction with the live landscape, memory, images sketches and written notes all play an important part in her creative process.


2016 Diploma of Higher Education in Painting from University of the Creative Arts Studied Fine Arts with the Open College of the Arts 2008- 2015


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