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United Kingdom

December 2008

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Sheena Symes

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Colour is the focus of Sheena's work, and she strives to produce paintings which have an interplay of subtle hues and vibrancy. Often canvases are textured and many layers of paint are applied and removed to add depth. Sheena's artistic background is technical but she developed an interest in abstract painting about 10 years ago, and believes this change is tied to a desire to lead a more intuitive life. The nature of creativity requires being receptive to the flow of something beyond conscious control, and Sheena enjoys this process of not fully knowing what is going to be created. Past exhibitions: Mall Galleries; Annual Portrait Painters Exhibition 2008 Dulwich Artists' Open House; May 2008 The Lounge, Brixton; October 2008 Cafe Provencal, Herne Hill; February 2009 Number 22, Herne Hill; May-July 2009 Urban Art, Josephine Avenue, Brixton; July 2009 The Commerical, Herne Hill; July 2009 Caphe House, London Bridge; September 2009 The Lounge, Brixton; October 2009 Etta's Kitchen, Brixton; August 2010 DB Bistro & Bar, Herne Hill; November 2010 Dulwich Artists' Open House; May 2011


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