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April 2019

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I first studied art as a Foundation (LOCF) that was an adult return to education in Painting and Sculpture 1996. I painted for a time and then I painted casually whist I raised a family. I have worked in education organising Art Clubs and then I moved forward with 'artfreedome'. This is where I spend some time working in a Mental Health capacity, that being Art Therapy Painting. During this time I found that painting provides the opportunity to express how you feel. Working in Art Therapy in particular inspired me to write Children's Picture story books. 'The Adventures of Miksa Marton' is a puppy love fairy tale published in the USA. You will see by the books that the child like fine art pictures do explain what is being written in both English and Hungarian. The web site for this is so do take a look. My Painting Portraits has grown which I find is a truly rewarding experience. In particular my Family Heirloom Portraits for wills and estates gives insight to that persons life. Seeing these images come to life on canvas gives me great satisfaction, so much so that I my wish is to teach one to one lessons soon of 'How to paint Portraits'. I see on the internet there are many short courses available in 'How to Paint Portraits'. Now is a good time to take advantage of the opportunities made available. Should you feel you would prefer to commission a Portrait from me I am happy to do so. If you are near me I can deliver to save on the costs and I am willing to negotiate prices for you. Thank you for your time in the reading.


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