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United Kingdom

November 2012

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Sergej Karetnikov

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Born in St. Petersburg in 1957. 1985 - Graduated from the Leningrad State University, faculty of journalism 1994 - Graduated from the International School of Art in Stockholm. From 2006 - member of International Federation of Artists and national Artist’s Union of Russia. Prefer oil on canvas, sometimes working in watercolor and other techniques. Artist Statement As a realist artist with modernist background, I use some parts of contemporary concepts even in my classical realist works. Usually I am working on Plain-Air and basically paint what I see but I do many works linking my realistic interpretations to other trends of today. Art for me is a way to create beauty. Beauty on canvas of course, but more important create beauty in real life. As result of this concept I founded EIAS - Esoteric Impressionism Art style. Theoretical ground for this style is based on my Diploma "The creative process of the photographer" at St.Petersburg University. Briefly this concept can be expressed as watching, feeling, action and action here is result of esoteric mechanism of the unconscious perception of the beauty.


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