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United Kingdom

May 2014

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Sarah Featherstone

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I work from my home studio on the South Coast of England and have sold paintings worldwide for over 10 years. I have always had a keen interest in art from an early age - through school, college and beyond. I was a Graphic Artist for 5 years working for a newspaper company, before I became a full-time professional Artist. I started out painting racing cars and motorcycles, after attending motorsport events around the Country. I began to sell my art online in 2002, focusing on painting landscapes and seascapes. These became highly successful and 10 years later I have sold over 3000 paintings worldwide. I spend many weekends away in the new forest which is where I get most of my inspiration from, I love to paint forest scenes in all seasons.


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I love it

Submitted by Nicola Z 04/08/2014


Submitted by Nicola Z 04/08/2014