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United Kingdom

December 2017

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Sarah Blakey

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Artist Sarah Blakey lives and paints on the south coast of Cornwall. With sketchbook and camera, she spends many hours recording the working life of Cornish and Devonshire harbours and creeks as inspiration for her paintings of river and seascapes, boats and fishermen. She loves to explore the coasts and estuaries of Cornwall by boat, soaking up the atmosphere and always returning home with a wealth of material and ideas. Passionate about local industries such as china clay and tin mining, she hopes that her portrayal of scenes from the mines will help to keep their memory alive. Although many such industries have either declined or gone altogether, she sees them as an integral part of the local culture. Sarah's work is about bringing colour and interest to everyday scenes in order to capture the essence of working life on the rivers and seas and under the ground. She builds up layers of shapes as the painting progresses, the curve of a sea wall becoming the hull of a boat, the foot of a mine shaft becoming the shape of a miner's back. Her images are stripped of unnecessary detail, but always retain a strong design element, something which Sarah considers to be of utmost importance.


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