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United Kingdom

January 2019

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Ruth Archer

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I am a self-taught artist, harp player and photographer living in Devon. I donate all sales of my artwork to Rowcroft Hospice, a charity based in Torbay, Devon. Rowcroft Hospice is an independent charity that provides comfort, support and specialist care to thousands of patients and their loved ones across South Devon each year. They are there for all patients, and their families, living with life-limiting illnesses in South Devon. I paint whatever captures my interest; ideas come from many sources, it could be a beautiful song, an emotional connection or simply a breathtaking view. My style may be impressionistic, representational, or abstract depending how an idea resonates with me. I particularly enjoy exploring emotional responses and life events; understanding life can be such a challenge.


I believe that there is an artist in everyone and the unique style that is owned by each individual is an extension of their innermost being - a fingerprint of the soul.


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