Rusty Woodward Gladdish |

United Kingdom

Leeds University Sociology,
Gloucester University Dip TEFL
Sheffield University Dip LETTOL

March 2012

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Rusty Gladdish

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I am a painter for whom Painting began as a hobby, transmogrified into a therapy and finally emerged as an obssession. I am a self taught 'Outsider Artist' and an instinctive painter and colourist. I paint my dreams and whatever comes into my imagination. I also enjoy painting portraits. The whole of one's life is to be found in the face. The eyes and the mouth tell all. I have a passionate interest in art history and have been influenced by the Renaissance, Caravaggio, the much maligned Impressionists, the Fauvists (especially Matisse) and the Pre-Raphaelites ( to name but a few!!!). I am a professional artist and my work is in private collections in America, Canada, Australia, Istanbul, Kuwait, Tunisia, Spain, France and the UK. I live in the Welsh mountains in two little cottages ( circa 1855 ) knocked through and clinging precariously to a damp hillside with my husband, a poet and writer. It rains a lot in Wales but this makes for a soft, green landscape and a wonderful place to be.


" Creativity takes courage" Henri Matisse


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