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Booktrust Early Years Award 2008 (Shortlist)
Royal Mail Awards 2008 (Shortlist)

United Kingdom

Btec National Diploma General Art and Design
Ba hons Illustration

December 2019

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Russell Julian

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At the age 16 I began a two year full-time course in General Art and Design at West Notts College in Mansfield which I loved. I think that it was the "General" aspect of this course that really appealed to me the most. Drawing from life was the back bone of what was taught but each day would be something different, sculpture, ceramics, 3d design, textiles, painting, graphics etc. Most people who've been through the art school system have been through this Foundation level, but at some point you're asked to specialize, which I did, and so followed a degree in Illustration at what is now called Anglia Ruskin University and a moderately successful career as a Children's book Illustrator with over thirty books published with amongst others, Egmont, Oxford University Press and Scholastic UK. I very much enjoy Children's Illustration but my artistic urges still tend to pull me away in various "General" directions, so when I should really be painting fur on a bunny rabbit with a 2/0 brush, I might instead be found flourishing paint onto a large abstract canvas with a size 12 hog, knocking out a self portrait or an impressionist pastiche, or more often recently painting small, quiet, still life paintings of fruit and veg and bits and bobs. A lot of what I do as an Illustrator is concerned with invention, so taking time to sit and carefully observe and scrutinize an often very ordinary subject from life has great appeal. It's these still lives that I think will form the core of what I will be making available here and I hope you like them, but please don't be surprised if they're joined occasionally by the odd abstract canvas or impressionist landscape, I'll spare you the self portraits!



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