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United Kingdom

March 2018

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Rosie Fearn

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Having achieved grade A in Art for what was then GCE (prior to becoming GCSE), I was prevented from attending Art College by my parents so took it up again when I retired. Whilst living in Spain I joined a small art academy and began to paint in ernest. One of my pastel pictures was used for promotion by the prioprietor of the academy, and I began to paint and sell animal portraits, as well as the occasional still life and landscape. I am self-taught in water colour and now also use the latest water based oil paints for many of my paintings. I have twice won a "1st" in local competitions and been encouraged by local artists to go forward and sell seriously. I have recently undertaken an on-line Illustration Course with London Art College, run by Spencer Hill, an accomplished cartoonist and illustrator, for which I gained "Distinction" and am now undertaking a cartoon course with the same on-line college under John Byrne, again a fairly extensively known cartoonist.


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