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United Kingdom

March 2008

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Rose Bentley-steed

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Rose quickly discovered a passion for Botanical Art and Illustration when she became a garden ranger at the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens. Since then she has been attending workshops and masterclasses from some very well established Botanical artists in the UK. At Aberdeen University she studied Zoology and Natural History and have always been drawn to nature and find painting and drawing plants a huge creative outlet. She has annually exhibited and sold her works at the Botanical Gardens for 'Images of the Garden' and has been applying some of her styles into other art forms. She currently collaborates with her husband running a creative craft business called Oi!Panda in Kinghorn, Fife. Her work concentrates on the accurate and detailed study of the plant form, often working in fine detail using the smallest miniature sable brushes with watercolour paint. She is constantly fascinated with learning and exploring other forms of medium such as pen & ink, pastels, acrylic, each brings it's own merits. She has this unique ability to make her subjects come to life, often done on a stark white background, respecting the traditional dry brush techniques along with unconventional compositions that gives a modern edge to her artwork. Rose is greatly inspired by the works of some of our British contemporary artists who raised Botanical art form to a highly regarded and popular subject, and hopes that her work continues to inspire many viewers today.


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