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January 2013

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Ron Whitby

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My interest in photography was sparked at an early age, by a favourite uncle who carried his camera with him wherever he went. In fact, I still have photos he took of me with my first camera around my neck when I was only four years old. I continued to maintain a keen interest in taking 'snapshots' throughout my teens, but by my early 20's began to take, what had been little more than a hobby, more seriously. I became an active member of my local photographic society and ultimately gained an LRPS distinction from the Royal Photographic Society. Though I have always leaned towards more ‘arty’ subject matter I also enjoyed attending, participating in and photographing sports events. It was, perhaps, almost inevitable that my next step was to work as a freelancer for a variety of specialist magazines covering a range of action sports. These included motor racing and rallying, motorcycle racing, windsurfing and World Cup skiing. At the same time, I accepted commissions from sports related companies, such as wetsuit, footwear and clothing manufacturers. In addition, travelling the World on assignments gave me the perfect opportunity to produce stock images for the likes of Tony Stone Worldwide (London), FPG (New York) and Getty Images Inc. With the advent of digital photography, I decided to concentrate on marketing limited edition imagery, being especially attracted by the possibilities opened up by professional image manipulation software products. I find that having the ability to transform photographs, which for the most part, offer a true representation of the subject, into something entirely different, is quite invigorating and exciting. Contemporary photographers now have a choice of tools available to enable them to expand the boundaries of what is possible and challenge their imaginations to the maximum. I particularly enjoy selecting a subject and having a range of options available in terms of whether to take a ‘straight’ shot; use long exposure to create the impression of movement, or apply varying degrees of manipulation in order to produce something entirely abstract


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