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In 2020 runner up among 1000's of entries in a national art competition

United Kingdom

Grammar school
A level Art GCE with prize

December 2014

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Rod Bere

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All paintings are packed by me in specially made boxes and sent from my studio Fully insured with guaranteed delivery, many going to the USA and Far East I think of my work as perspective impressionism painted instinctively to give a sense of realism. Born into a very artistic family.and although achieving 'A' level and prizes for art, because of circumstances was denied the opportunity of a career in art as I had to earn an income to help the family. However I never lost the ambition and keeping my oil paints from childhood, started painting in earnest when I retired in 2008, some immediate success inspired me to set up a studio and gallery and now sell weekly around the world, as far as Australia, Singapore and the USA. I paint intuitively from my heart with music in the background using anything to hand to create effects, even sometimes painting a complete scene with my fingers. My images are mostly from memory. From a very varied career, over the years I have absorbed sights and scenes around me which I now use to create my paintings.


In 2020 chosen as runner up among 1000's of entries in a national art competition.


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