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Multi-award winning photographer including Bird Portrait Photographer of the year and runner-up in New York Institute of Photography competition on Natural Light.
I have also been profiled and featured numerous times on a well known and popular photographic website and won a number of photographic competitions. I'm also in the process of writing four photographic books.

United Kingdom

Generally self-taught with over 30 years experience.
I never try to stop learning be it out in the field or sitting comfortably engrossed in a book with a glass in hand!

January 2021

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Robin Kirwan-Taylor

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Over 30 years experience behind the camera and lucky enough to have sold my fair share of photographs through the years. All photographs within my collection on the Art Gallery website, are signed limited editions. My last exhibition was an invite to participate in an event organised by art students as part of their course - to put on an exhibition - at Guildford College of Art: Birds of Prey in Black and White. I'm also a photographer known for taking portraits of family pets and continually take commissions for this when I'm not romping around our beautiful island with tripod and cameras in hand.


Every photograph should hold a story within, or conjure up some sort of emotion, be it peace, love, anger, happiness or pain, otherwise what's the point!


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