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United Kingdom

April 2016

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Robert Permain

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I am an artist from the North east of England. Surrounded as I am by inspirational countryside, coast and wildlife, I love to try to capture the wealth of the scenes that surround me. Often I turn my attention to the abundant historic buildings – the castles, cathedrals and abbeys that are an intrinsic part of this area, and also to the beautiful, but often elusive wildlife that makes our world so special. I truly come alive when I paint, working the paint to reveal the light playing on the scene before me. Coastal scenes are amongst my favourite subjects. The movement and turbulence of the waves, the way the water reflects the light and the vibrancy of shifting patterns and colours captivate me. The cliffs and rocks defy the terrific power of the sea, but try as they might, the crashing water continues its assault. I work in a number of different media, but more often I return to oil on canvas, using brushes, palette knives and anything else that helps give form and texture to my paintings. I graduated with a BAhons in Graphic Design, but my true passion has always been in fine art. I am also happy to paint commissions and although much of my work takes inspiration from the North East of England, I love to explore new areas of interest.



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