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August 2017

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Rimas Nakrasas

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I'm a Lithuanian artist. My education started by choosing to finish Siauliai children's art school. After graduating high school I enrolled into Siauliai Pedagogic Institute - Faculty of Art. My final graduation project was on painting and upon graduation I received a drafter degree. My final project was a landscape. As a student I became involved with students partaking in painting, which I have been seriously involved in for several years now, exploring and analysing which oil based painting tools can help me achieve a desired outcome, painting is music, but instead of playing tones of sound it plays tones of colour, I partake in this colour music and observe nature, flowers and i try to convey the most beautiful impressions on the canvas. I grow flowers myself which I also paint, this is my environment and it fascinates not only me but those who see my canvases as well.


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