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United Kingdom

June 2017

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Richard Paulley

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Richard is a self taught artist based in Winchester where he has been happily married for over forty years and specialises in capturing wildlife in graphite. With the exception of the odd commissioned request Richard had not done any serious drawing for over thirty years. But following a minor operation and during a brief period of convalescence he picked up his pencil and completed a picture of a pair of elephants with their trunks entwined (later entitled Embrace). Friends and family were so impressed with quality and detail of this early piece they encouraged him to draw more and over the next few years he spent most of his spare time completing another six drawings. With his love of art and passion for wildlife he decided to join the world-renowned Marwell International Wildlife Art Society to see if he could develop this natural talent and placed four of these early works into their annual exhibition. These early drawings were received well with high acclaim and he was advised that he should consider a change of direction and become a full time artist. Richard worked on increasing his limited portfolio and he now has an extensive catalogue of drawings and with this expanded portfolio in 2016 he finally took the difficult decision to end his many years of working in senior managerial roles to take early retirement and realise his lifelong dream of becoming a wildlife artist. Richard is now a member of The Wildlife Art Society International (TWASI) and he displays a small selection of his works at their annual exhibition each year in May. Many of the pictures Richard has drawn are inspired by the animals he has photographed at Marwell Wildlife Park, where they work incredibly hard on the conservation and protection of endangered species and they have a vast array of rare breeds. With many of these creatures close to extinction in the wild Richard hopes his drawings will help to educate people of the plight of these precious animals and at the same time provide a record of their existence for future generations.


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