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United Kingdom

November 2010

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Richard Cole

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I've been painting since school and hold a degree in Art and Drama. I spent many years teaching both subjects in schools before finding myself in a high pressured job advising the Government on aspects of education. This didn't suit me at all so I retired to do all the things we always promise ourselves we will, one day. Now I paint, sculpt and ride a ridiculously large motorcycle, although not at the same time. I live in the heart of Constable country and take inspiration from the landscape around me, just as he did. My work ranges from abstract to impressionistic. I paint in acrylics and watercolour and sculpt in found items, junk, metal and recycled wood.


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Lovely, vibrant colours. Very pleased with it.

Submitted by Gemma J 07/12/2015


Submitted by Gemma J 07/12/2015