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August 2008

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Welcome to my 'profile page'. In 2003 after spending a while settling my mind I managed to find time to teach myself to paint and to have my first exhibition and also, to sell a few pieces. Since then I have been endeavouring to improve my painting techniques. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. However, one thing I found which came easily was line-drawing. A lecturer at the RCA generously commented that my line work did not need to improve. I hope that I honour my motivation - which is to share some of the joy and contentment I have found through my meditation training. I initial my work 'AC' - as I was ordained a Buddhist nun in 1994 and given the name Ani Chudrun. Mick Brown, international author and journalist for the Telegraph Magazine was kind enough to write a review for me back in 2005: "The best art speaks to and from the heart, and this is what Chudrun's paintings do for me. These paintings are the product not just of art practice, but life practice.." I have been extremely fortunate to travel widely, East and West, and am not ashamed to admit that time in my woodland yurt and visits to international galleries are part of my pilgrimage. I absolutely love The Met in New York. Great art resonates with the pure and perfect aspect of our mind. Therefore, great art helps to develop a more vivid awareness. If a painting can help bring that about - and some definately do - that is precious indeed. In the late 80s, I co-presented Top Gear, that now somewhat gauche (in the socially awkward petrol-guzzling-for-thrills kind of way) BBC TV programme. I've had an unusual life. It wasn't a long road after that to becoming a Buddhist nun. There was a somewhat stoney road for a while, opening a cannabis coffee shop in protests against prohibition, and then ordination. And then to canvas and paints. I hope my paintings bring joy to you. Thank you for your interest.


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