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United Kingdom

April 2018

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Raymond Warrillow

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I have an A level in art and I won a scholarship completion when I was 15 run by the BBC and Typhoo tea. I have just applied to the Landscape Artist of the Year competition. I just love painting. When I was a teenager I began to sell my art and I sold 17 paintings. By the time I was in my mid twenties I began to give my paintings away to my family and friends. I have kept some for my house. I then began to keep my paintings to use in exhibitions. It takes a long time to paint in oil, especially a large painting. It can take me between six months and six years. I will not be having any more exhibitions so I have decided to sell my painting. People now have the opportunity to hang a Warrillow on their wall. The paintings span a lifetime of work of over forty years. I put my heart and soul into each painting and I would like to think that they can now be enjoyed.


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