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March 2017

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Rabia shahzadi

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I am working as a visual practitioner, art educationist, art assistant and art activist from primary to middle school. I have 18 years of formal education in visual arts. I have been living and working as an artist in the UK for 3 years. My work is an amalgamation of text typography and history figures of the traditional miniature painting of sub-continent. The text is the main object of my visuals because the text is considered the most personal language of any human being, through this un-readable text, I usually describe my personal biography and the truths which one cannot express in a loud voice or which are not acceptable for the society. The combination of text, pop colours, and historical figures is a visual appearance of my thoughts about the significance of the history of sub-continent miniature art in past and today, besides this, I want to leave the representation of colouration and compositions of the visuals open for viewers that one may symbolize its many perspectives. I have shown my work at various art galleries in Pakistan and also have sent proposals at various art galleries in London. My work has also been discussed by Canadian art critic and writer Dr Maureen Korp. I am inspired to the whole universe, that's why I usually don't hesitate to paint anything that inspires me like, flowers, birds, landscapes,etc



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