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United States

June 2017

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Poonam Choudhary

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Poonam choudhary also known as Poovi, is an internationally recognized Abstract Expressionist colorist , known for her different styles and subjects. She don’t have a particular style and strongly believe that a painting should depict an artist not a style. She perceive her inspiration from life events and experiences - Thoughts, Feelings, Moods, Conflicts, Anger, Love and Sad. Each piece have a depth and a sense of abstraction Feelings and expressions, gives viewer a different personal experience. She love to experiment with different materials and techniques in painting. She Paint almost exclusively in acrylic but are also executed in a range of other materials such as Oil pastels, Mixed media, Glitters, Stones, soft pastel, and spray paint. She loves experimenting and want to give her works an individual expression by developing her own techniques. Her work has been featured in several exhibits, and her paintings are included in private collections: United Kingdom, United States, Denmark, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada and has received substantial acclaim from curators as well as galleries for her vibrant, strong abstract paintings. She Explains - “ I feel if you really want to be an artist never stop working. More you work, the more things you will get as an artist. just work hard.” Thank you. Hope you enjoy the journey!


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