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United Kingdom

July 2014

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Phillip Ward

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Phillip Ward aka " Wardy" is a successful, well established artist born 1972, who is originally from Harrogate but now based in Manchester and has been producing art for a number of years for both galleries and private collectors . He likes to experiment with various media and use different techniques to create interesting and quirky pieces that are nostalgic and full of character. His inspiration comes from travelling the world which in turn helps him to spark new ideas and provides him with a real opportunity to express himself through his work. He currently works with a few select galleries.



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Artist Reviews


Love my brilliant 'funky cat' and think he has real personality.

Submitted by Jane B 01/10/2014


Excellent service. Only slight niggle is the almost daily emails offering 'new art'. Once a month is ok maybe but I know where to go to look now without reminding.

Submitted by Jane B 01/10/2014