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United Kingdom

October 2018

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Petra Potgieter

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As a music director the final work has to be as perfect as possible and it doesn't matter how many hours goes into the practise. For me the perfect performance is the one that is beautiful to the ear and has that something extra special. I completed a commission recently in watercolour and work in both watercolour and oil. Some of my work was featured and sold by an Abbey in the Highlands of Scotland. I just enjoy what I am gifted to do and that fulfillment is found in my art.With my paintings I want to create something special and different - something that will make someone stop just for a moment to appreciate the colours of Life! Someone once told me about the "colours of life" and then I saw the beauty in the world ! With my work I want to recreate that same beauty and show someone else that there IS "colour" in life to see and enjoy. By accident I discovered that I can paint and enjoy creating every new canvas and seeing it take form. I would love my work to bring joy and peace to others.


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