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January 2019

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Peter Williams

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Hello and thank you for taking an interest in me and my work. I am a British artist and writer, working from my small studio on the Suffolk coast. Born in the fifties I left home at a young age and soon found myself serving as a British soldier at the age of just seventeen, traveling a lot, seeing active service in Northern Ireland and also serving a one year secondment to the UN Peacekeeping force (blue berets) Since returning to Civvy Street I have led a varied and interesting life during which I worked in many diverse occupations from computer analyst to milkman, college tutor to lorry driver. Throughout it all there was always a thread of creativity running in the background, suppressed for long periods but occasional opportunities did present themselves. In my spare time I became a freelance cartoonist and also worked for a spell as feature artist on the Hertfordshire Life magazine. Eventually I upped sticks and moved to the east coast to begin a new life with my partner. Since then I feel privileged and grateful to have been able to make my living full time from something I enjoy and love. Becoming an artist has been a dream come true and I have also found time to produce two novels and an autobiography. I specialise in lively watercolours, intricately detailed pencil work and dramatic pastel paintings. I like to think that my craving for detail and realism serves to capture the very soul of my subjects, bringing them to life for their new owners to enjoy for ever. I am constantly surprised and delighted that so many individuals appreciate my work. The ideas and subject matter upon which my art and also my writing is based, comes from a passion for wildlife, both British and the more exotic, combined with scenes inspired by people and places that have influenced me throughout my life.


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