Peter Wilks |

Winner of the Braintree Open Art Prize (2010)

United Kingdom

Nuneaton School of Art; Coventry College of Art

January 2013

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Peter Wilks

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I have always loved painting and drawing and throughout my career I have produced illustrations for design projects, advertisements, books and magazines. Since moving to the Suffolk coast, I have been inspired to paint landscapes as well as abstracts and expressionistic figurative works. I paint mostly in acrylics, watercolours and inks but I like to be flexible to keep my work exciting, and I don't want to limit myself to a specific subject matter or medium. My paintings have been exhibited in a number of galleries throughout East Anglia. I am available for commissions. Perhaps one of the paintings I have sold through this website appeals to you and you wish you could have bought it, or maybe you would like to commission a painting for a special occasion or as a gift. I would be happy to help and I hope to have the opportunity to paint something especially for you.



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I love this piece. It is so atmospheric and relaxing. Looks great lit from underneath. A real pleasure.

Submitted by Yanine R 20/08/2015


Submitted by Yanine R 20/08/2015