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Camberwell ual

May 2010

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Peter Raynor

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In my artist practise I discuss the relationship of abstraction in figurative painting. I use images as a base to produce a painting; I want to explore the balance of abstraction and representation. I am inspired to make paintings of landscapes, urban photographs and films. The images I choose have a recurring theme of colour, composition and architecture. In the application of my paintings I have been inspired by the techniques of the old masters, particularly Rembrandt; Their uses of glazing and scumbling repeatedly until the desired effect. I use these methods in a more abstract way; heavily applied textured paint, vibrant colours and distorting sections. I constantly rework my paintings, creating layers to show a history and a process of how these paintings were made. Painting is filled with conscious and unconscious decisions, in the beginning of the painting process I have ideas and approaches that I want to conceive but through the journey of painting becomes lost. Chance, luck and perseverance all play a part in my work. My work has been shown at Lots Road Auction House in London. Graduated from Camberwell UAL in 2013. I have exhibited in Amsterdam and London.



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