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United Kingdom

October 2013

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Peter Morffew

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I am a self taught Artist. I work in Oil, Watercolour, Soft Pastel and Egg Tempera. Over the years I have had several one man shows and paintings in open exhibitions including the Chelsea Art Society Open exhibition. I exhibited " Silhouetted at the Royal Academy Summer Open exhibition in 1985 and had a painting short listed in 2016. I paint most subjects; portraits, Landscapes, seascapes, river scenes architecture and even abstracts. My favourite subject is New Zealand landscapes and scenery which I came to love after visiting this marvellous country twice. I am inspired by a number of artists. Turner for his magnificent almost abstract oil paintings and his atmospheric watercolours, Andrew Wyeth for his detailed egg tempera paintings, Rowland Hilder for his skillful watercolour washes and the Canadian artist Tom Thomson for his loose atmospheric oil paintings.


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