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United Kingdom

January 2007

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Peter King

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Peter King is a very successful, largely self-taught artist who, after leaving the Hammersmith School of Art in the 1950s, made a name for himself as a freelance designer and calligrapher. He later became art director on several feature films. Continuing to paint and draw throughout, his early work features faultless draughtsmanship with muted tones and strong use of light and shade and his later work, inspired by the hot reds and yellows of the Mediterranean, shows a passion for the natural world in vibrant colours and vivid style. He has exhibited throughout West Sussex, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Devon. "King has always attached great value to drawing and continues to do so because, to him, it is the foundation of painting and most of his pictures start out as freely drawn oil stick compositions. But it is through his technique and passionate handling of paint, his generous brushwork and richness of colour that Peter King manipulates the viewers emotional response to his work." "Far from softening with maturity, the artist's palette and brushwork has become increasingly passionate and free. The wild flamboyance in his art stems not from some mental anguish, but from the world around him that he depicts with admiration and joy" – Mark Thompson (Film Director)


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