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I have had some 20 solo art shows and taken part in over 40 group art exhibitions locally and around the UK
Open Studios: Member of the Harleston & Waveney Art Collective (HWAT)
My work is enjoyed by may art lovers who have built up small collections of my work.
I am regularly commissioned to do pet portraits - dogs, cats and horses, as well as landscapes.

United Kingdom

Wimbledon School of Art Foundation
Kingston University BA (Hons) Illustration

January 2021

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Paul Zawadzki

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Based in Bungay, part of the beautiful Waveney Valley, I get immense inspiration from my love of the local scenery of Outney Common and Bath Hills as well as the uncompromising coastline at Covehithe and Dunwich on the Suffolk Coast. Working under the name of 'Artbear', I mainly paint in oils on canvas or board, sometimes using natural materials such as sand, earth and detritus incorporated in my work in order to capture the spirit of the landscape. There is a love of spontaneity in my work, I embrace the 'happy accident' and make full use of dripping, blotting and splashing paint while retaining an element of traditional landscape painting in my practice, sometimes using gold leaf as an accent. I have participated in many solo and group art exhibitions around the UK. As an artist I include an element of synesthesia in my work (I see colours in sound and music) which helps me in my other role as an electronic music composer - the two sides of my practice support and influence each other. I am currently studying for an MA Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts which is already giving me more focus and context to my work.


I am always interested in learning and discovering new ways of creating texture and colour in my work, and responding to the natural landscape that so fascinates me.


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