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Rank Xerox Award

United Kingdom

B.A. Hons Fine Art

February 2019

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Paul Manwaring

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Paul Manwaring is a professional artist working for many years in North Wales. Over time, his work has moved from traditional landscape painting to the bold and dramatic abstract style of his work today. His paintings embrace the vibrant colours and the clarity of the British landscape tradition. Added to this is the influence of English Constructionism, with it's use of naturally occurring proportional systems and rhythms, underpinning the geometric design. The colours in his paintings are rich with blacks, deep browns, dark blues, these in turn contrast strongly with sunny yellows, sumptuous reds and bright blues. The motif of the stripes evokes landscapes, horizons, fields, coastlines and mountains. Education: Fine Art Degree (B.A. Honours) Newcastle upon Tyne University, England. Awards & Distinctions: Rank Xerox Award for Painting. Exhibitions: Solo exhibition Long Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne Solo and Group exhibitions Hatton Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne C.A.S.C Group exhibitions. 2017 Solo C.A.S.C exhibitions 2016, 2017



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