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United Kingdom

October 2013

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Paul Baxter

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Every piece I paint starts life as a personal adventure, with no initial planning each work is a great unknown quantity, especially with having no preconceived ideas for its creation. The magic then begins as Inspiration flows from my imagination and only fueled by a lot of love! The finished painting is an energetic portal for for the mind body. The artists original energy signature on the work being the key to the lock! In creating these pieces I use Inks that are alcohol based as the main medium of choice, their vibrant colours resonate the creator in me, where I am able to instantly fuse new ideas and pigments together onto the canvas. From a young age I found the power of imagination could not only create limitless possibilities in creative potential through art, but also be used by the viewer of such works to escape into their own world of limitless adventures,whether it be a ramble into a country scene or exploring the strange landscape of a distant planet! For the expectations of such exciting trips, please feel free to visit my gallery again, and share some more of the journey with me through my future works.


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