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2020 Collaboration with Cherry Creek Lifestyle magazine, October Issue.
2020 Creating first ever collection of 3 artworks
2020 Artwork is published in Lithuanian interior magazine, November issue
2020, SKT Gallery London, Fake Space Exhibition
2021, MADS Milano, Love My Body Exhibition

United Kingdom

Vilnius University Of Applied Sciences

September 2021

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Olga Zadoroznaja

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I am a young creator, always having ideas upfront. The purpose of my art is to share the mood of colors, the energy of brush strokes and the passion of my life. Most of the time I am inspired by women and wild animals. Their beauty, power and energy is a never ending source of inspiration. There is an idea behind every artwork, but no intention to teach, explain or make puzzles. There is already enough of that. Please just enjoy the art.


Art is about experimenting with yourself. But there is one thing in common, people say, that my works are very "lively".


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