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United Kingdom

April 2017

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Norman Shipley

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I specialise in colourful and affordable art for domestic and commercial or corporate settings. Artistically,I tend to go with my feelings. If I see a striking image in nature or in print, I try to capture it in my own way, emphasising what I find interesting and attractive about it or using it simply as a starting point. Sometimes my inspiration comes simply from ideas that form of themselves, examples being 'Underwater life', 'Cosmos' and 'Regeneration' in my gallery. I have been inspired to paint and draw by the many people who have said they enjoy the work I have created. Generally, I do not focus on one theme or genre, but I always try to produce art that is striking and appealing. I find that many pieces are popular in print or greeting card form. I paint mainly in oils, acrylics and inks and cover a wide range of subjects both animate and inanimate. Subjects include seascapes, skies, landscapes and cityscapes, flowers, birds, still life, architecture and humour. Styles include figurative, stylised and abstract and I am interested in mixed media and in developing new techniques. I have sold in exhibitions and online.


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