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United Kingdom

December 2018

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Norman Carla

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Hi my name is Carla, I have been drawing since I attended college back in the early 90's, so some kind of formal training but put my talent on the shelf whilst bringing up children and only fleeting back now and again when the urge became quite strong but all in all I didn't really pick it back up until around 5 years ago when I got back into soft pastel and charcoal work . As a rule most of my work stayed with me or given to close friends as personal gifts. In the past paint had never really interested me but a couple of years ago I had a feeling to try a new media and so I discovered acrylic, long gone were the heaps of hours drying time that I didn't enjoy when using oil paint many years ago. Which was the main reason I stayed away from paint, I'm quite impatient when I feel creative and like to keep the flow and acrylic allows that to happen. I have only ever put one of my paintings forward for sale a couple of years ago and quite to my delight SOLD it ! So here I am dipping my toes again to see if I can share with others the work that I so enjoy producing. Thanks for reading.


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