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June 2017

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Maralo artist painter

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Trained and educated as an Interior Designer in Austria, maralo emigrated 1981 to Cape Town, South Africa. But his passion for painting led him to abstract/contemporary art, were he could fulfil his creative fantasies and thoughts. To hone his skills , he studies abstract art under well-known South African abstract artist Leonie Brown. With color and form he wants to create paintings with psychological and sociological background, which can be interpreted by the viewer in an individual way. Since December 2020, maralo is back in his country of birth Austria.


Artist's Statement As Interior Designer I always felt the spirit of a home comes to life with the decorative elements which individuals choose to place in their surroundings. An intimate emotional connection comes alive between the artwork and yourself. Abstract/Contemporary art allows me to capture emotions and yet there is a mysterious side which remains within. I want my paintings to be a source of thoughts, but also to be a decorative enrichment of the collectors home or office.


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