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United Kingdom

April 2011

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Neriman keleszade

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Thank you for looking at my work. Take a look around and please enjoy the art in my gallery and don’t hesitate to contact me for queries about my paintings. I didn’t have my own studio before and was struggling working at home because I was worried that I was going to get paint everywhere if I wasn’t careful but now I have my own studio at home which I do my work in and really benefit from it because now I don’t have to keep worrying about getting paint anywhere and concentrate on my work. All my paintings are all original and there are no copies so making each piece matchless. All my paintings and photos include my signature. I have passion for art, I really have. I really enjoy and love drawing and painting on canvas, I mostly use oil paint although it takes time to dry up and it’s a strong challenge. I really like detail too and enjoy doing fine art. All my work is done with quality products, guaranteed and copyrighted. My paintings are strong and colourful with different feelings to it. I really like using my fingers as much as wide range of brushes. Most of my work is inspired by my feelings and different colours and the media I most use is oil paint on a canvas. Being able to express myself through my art work has always been relaxing and helps me to get on with life and not worry about everything too much. I feel that I can communicate through my paintings. I listen to music while doing my work which makes me unwind. I try to do my best to make every individual painting to its perfect. I will take a risk and like taking risks to experiment and explore different media and colours. Continuously I am learning new techniques of painting by experimenting with textures, mixed media and colours in abstracts. Artist's Biography This is a gallery of my work; hope you find my work interesting. I am originally from North Cyprus. I was born in UK, went to primary school in N Cyprus then came here again so I was raised up here for most of my life. I am a full time and self taught artist although that I studies foundation diploma in art and design. I started drawing and painting in young age using pastels, water paint, acrylic paint and pencils on paper. Then after that I fallen in love and started using oil paint on canvases because the colours really blends in when you use oil paint and fabulous for painting. I really enjoy painting and drawing wide range of subjects, my mind really relaxes. I have been painting and drawing in a variety of media for years, started in the early age, trying to experiment with wide range of brushes and paints, pencils. I freely work in my studio in the garden, saving them in there. I like flowers and mainly clouds inspire me because you can see different shapes when you look at them, I try to take photographs of them and do them to canvases sometimes.



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