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United Kingdom

March 2018

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Natasha Simone Nwaegbe

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I am a Mixed Media artist who has developed my own style thorough experimentation. I took GCSE Art and Textiles at school and then AS Textiles at college. After leaving college I found myself combining elements of textiles with art and experimenting to create what I do now. I produce abstract mixed media pieces, full of texture and colour with a surreal quality inspired by nature, moods and emotions and my own imagination. My art aims to take you to world beyond our own and get lost for a minute or two. My work has been exhibited at The Brick Lane Gallery, Shoreditch; JonaQuest, Greenwich; Displayed at Farnham Maltings Monthly Market; Denbie’s Wine Estate, Dorking; and featured in both The World of Interiors Magazine and House & Garden Magazine.


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